Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/1/2012: Entrepreneurship and Chaos

In a slight departure from macroeconomic focus of the blog, here are two links to, in my view, pivotal articles on business and entrepreneurship. Pivotal not because they provide the answers, but because they raise questions I suspect will be the most important ones in years to come.

So enjoy:

And I would be interested in your views on these as well.


Anthony said...

Interesting choice of tags - Chaos, Entrepreneurship, Future of business, Future of entrepreneurship – none of which is wrong. I think however the challenge is not in any of these; it is in the nature of work. Most people are not entrepreneurs, not leaders, not business people. They’re not even workers, most people. To use a tired cliché, they work to live, not live to work. The chaotic, high velocity and accelerating nature of change and business innovation is in part due to technology, but in part also attributable to globalisation, the exploitation of global regulatory imbalances, and generally light regulation in mature markets. Work is changing.

Employment contracts with private companies are less and less important. The imbalance in job security between the public and private sectors is becoming ever more stark. People with less adaptability, less capacity for change, less ability to cope with uncertainty – i.e. most people – will get left behind. That’s going to be a huge issue.

It’s one thing to identify what it takes to grab hold of the opportunities that high velocity change brings. It’s another entirely to work in that space!

Anonymous said...

entrepreneur from the French entreprendre - one who undertakes...

It's not possible to pin down what an entrepreneur is. Too many variables. Plus, luck is 1 of those variables.

Does one have to be successful to be an entrepreneur? Not really, I would say. It's a product of the process.