Thursday, November 14, 2013

14/11/2013: New Vehicles Licensed: January-October 2013

So the car sales... they are booming, right? Confidence is up, consumers are back to spending, the worst of Budgetary cuts are behind us, the economy is growing, unemployment falling, etc, etc, etc... We've heard them all. So let's think about it... we are into sixth year of the crisis; cars are getting older and replacement pressure is rising. You would expect the 'turnaround economy' to produce a rise in car sales. To accommodate such, the Government changed license plates.

So here are the numbers for January-October new licenses issued:

The uptick in new licenses in 2013 is due to used cars sales. New car registrations are down 2.62% y/y for the period, down 12.8% of 2011 (same period), down 46% on 2000-present average. New Private cars registrations are down 6.3% y/y, down 18.3% on same period 2011, down 46.2% on 2000-present average.

Back to that Consumer Confidence for some sugar buzz... 

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