Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16/1/2013: Some charts on US unemployment: Financial Crises v Recessions

Two absolutely fascinating charts showing just how different is the current Great Recession from the previous recessions and how the financial crises disruptions are much longer lasting structural in nature when it comes to unemployment than traditional recessions.

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First, financial crises:

And now, run-of-the-mill recessions:

And financial crises duration in terms of unemployment levels:

The above charts should really be a wake up call to the European 'leaders' still pretending that the recovery is only a matter of short time stroll through deficits reductions.

Here is a link to an excellent presentation (from April 2012, albeit) by the US Treasury on the crisis responses to-date, showing the complexity and the sheer magnitude of these responses. To anyone familiar with the EU response to the crisis - these amount at best to 1/10th of the scale/scope of the US responses.

Here's a telling comparative:

It is also telling to read the level of realism in the US Treasury's presentation as to the problems remaining in the economy that is virtually unparalleled with the reports from the EU and some National Governments (e.g. Ireland).

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