Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23/1/2013: One Face of 'Irish Confidence Heroes'

Go to Minute 15 to hear this distressed assets investor bragging about forcing the Irish taxpayers to pay for his speculative bets on distressed junior bonds from BofI:

You wanted to see those 'investors' who have 'confidence' in Ireland? There's one. He got burned by Russians in a similar setting, but, what the hell, Irish Government conveniently made sure same didn't happen to him here. He was made whole on his exceptionally speculative bet.


Anonymous said...

Liked your description ...’distressed’ assets investor! ..and wasn’t he arrogant?
Distressed isn’t the word for US, the unfortunate Irish taxpayers ...
Thank you for that link Dr. Gurdgiev, - and I really must learn how to tweet ...


Anonymous said...

My God, finally a face to the "bondholder" and what a fat, meglomaniac face it is.

Fevered ego's like this get showered with riches so they can purchase another $2000 handbag for their vacuous wives while home help gets cut in Ireland.

I just threw up into my mouth.