Sunday, January 6, 2013

6/1/2013: 'Stone Age' of journalism?..

A quick note on something that has been bothering me in recent days.

"Much internet journalism at level equivalent to Stone Age" was a headline in a recent Irish Times opinion piece (no link, per Irish Times confusing attitudes to links).

One wonders - does that include internet writings / blogs /online-journals contributions by scores of scientists, economists, political scientists, sociologists, artists, philosophers, historians, institutional researchers, political leaders, etc?..

Much of what is written on a daily basis in newspapers is authored by professional journalists (occasionally - original research, but more often - re-communication of others work; professional in quality, but still - secondary in nature). A lot of what is written on the web is authored by original creators / discoverers of ideas, it is often discussed on the web by people who shape these ideas in debates not feasible in print media nor on print media web platforms, and it is often unique to the 'Internet' platforms, especially to pure web-based platforms.

So 'Stone Age' Internet journalism? or 'Tone Deaf' print opinionism? 


Anonymous said...

Must have been a typo. They probably meant irish journalism.

Fungus the Photo! said...

The internet was predicting this Depression for years. The IT merely advertized how clever Ireland was with banks growing nearly 30% pa. Of course, such a "positive" attitude meant gravy for the IT.

People slowly awaken to truth and recognize lies but, more easily, liars!

Anonymous said...

IT like all 'mainstream' media is like a bee in the final days of summer. The end is near so effort to sting must be doubled. Many blogs specialise in certain topics and this gives the reader greater depth of information. The only problem? The reader must find the information they want from a good source.