Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22/1/2013: Irish Property Prices: 2012

Per CSO's Residential Property Prices Index released today, property prices in Ireland registered a fall of 4.5% in the year to December 2012.

The spin of 'good news' is seemingly abating in the wake of the figures. While I will cover detailed trends in the next post, here is a snapshot of annual series. Do, please, let me know if you see much of 'return to growth' in house prices:

To summarise the above and extend to the begging of the CSO series:
-- Overall RPP Index fell in 2012 to the annual level of 65.7 down from 75.4 in 2011 and down 49.5% on peak. In 2011 relative to peak RPP Index stood at a 42.0% discount. Y/y rate of fall in the annual index in 2012 was 12.86%, statistically identical to 13.10% drop in 2011. Surely, this is not a 'bottom has been reached' set of figures, no?
-- Houses nationally sub-index fell in 2012 to 68.6 against 2011 level of 78.4 (posting y/y decline of 12.5% in 2012, marginally and virtually dental to 13.0% fall in 2011). Again, please, tell me that decline of 13% followed by 12.5% is some sort of 'bottoming out'. Annual series for national house prices is now at 47.7% below peak having fallen 40.2% relative to peak in 2008-2011.
-- Apartments nationwide dropped from 57.8 in 2011 to 47.8 in 2012, with annual rate of decline in 2012 of 17.3% showing acceleration on 16.4% y/y drop in 2011. Again, the clear 'bottoming-out' of prices for Irish apartments is now in sight. These have fallen 52.7% relative to peak in 2011 and are now at 60.9% below peak.
-- Dublin property prices have posted a drop from 67.9 annual 2011 index reading to 58.3 in 2012 - a decline y/y of 14.14% which follows 2011 y/y drop of 13.9%.

To summarise, the 'bottoming-out' of Irish property prices in 2012 has resulted in prices declines across all four core categories (the few with a potentially sufficient numbers of sales to make any meaningful conjectures about). Not one category saw an annual increase in prices. And, to add an insult to the injury, y/y rates of decline in the prices in 2012 were worse than in 2011 in one case, marginally better in one case, and practically identical in two series. 
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