Monday, February 24, 2014

24/2/2014: A Chart for Thought... Historical CO2 Concentrations

A chart for thought:




Anonymous said...

Is that the same Peter Gleick who made up "evidence" to discredit others and is being pursued for that matter?

Jerome K said...

My thoughts Constantin...

Indeed, if only world temperature would follow it, the levelling off of temperatures in past 15 years has cast significant doubt on how much impact CO2 has on climate. Some impact yes, how much, who knows... IPCC claims (cannot prove) most of change is attributable to manmade influence. Corollary of this is that up to half of change is not related to Man!

Also bear in mind that any level below 200ppm is perilously close to extinction event (plant growth is directly impacted by CO2). Personally I am much happier with slightly increasing CO2 levels than decreasing. (For that matter with Ireland out of Ice Age just 10K years ago, I also prefer slighly warming climate to a slightly cooling climate!

Re Graph, usual trick by cutting off the base from Y axis to highlight growth. 250-400 ppm (that is parts per million - trace level) is still tiny.