Monday, November 19, 2012

19/11/2012: Links on Irish Corporate Tax Haven

Due to page loading restriction on post links, I am moving this list to a new location.

Here is the original page with a number of links on the topic of Ireland as a Corporate Tax Haven. And here's a link to the Irish Government 'defense' of the same.

Updated 19/11/2012: And a new article on US Multinationals facing tax demands / pressures in Europe with explicit referencing of Ireland:

Updated 20/11/2012: No country named, but you know who they are talking about here:

Updated 9/12/2012: And more on Google using Ireland as a conduit for tax minimization:
The core problem highlighted here is not the headline 0.14% tax rate, but €47 billion worth of revenues booked via Ireland - an exemplification of Ireland's beggar-thy-neighbor economic policies.

Updated 20/12/2012: Here's The Economist article on Starbucks UK case, mentioning Google use of Irish tax system:

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