Monday, November 12, 2012

12/11/2012: Quick reading list of late...

Some of my reading from today - worth checking out:

"Debunking Two Nate Silver Myths" from lays our Bayesian foundations for Nat Silver's forecasting efforts. But in reality, the blog post deals with a deeper issue - the way we interpret predictive models.

"Mathematics, Marriage, and High explosives: Why There Is No Nobel Prize for Math" is a good short post on Shapley and Roth Nobel MP in Economics win, but the post repeats the myth (I am guilty of having told this one myself before) that is solidly debunked here.

A cool paper "The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Productivity of American Mathematicians" - I recall the years of 1993-1997 when the UCLA maths department welcomed numerous faculty members from the former USSR and Eastern Block.

Foreign Policy superb article on the potential geo-political implications of the opening of the Arctic Passage: "Open Seas". The historical perspective absolutely brilliantly drawn.

NYTimes on "The science and art of listening" quote: "The difference between the sense of hearing and the skill of listening is attention" 

Aside from that - re-reading Vladimir Vonovich's "Moscow 2042" was a delight...

And I will be blogging on academic papers I read... so stay tuned.

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"What we saw, therefore, was not so much an inability to foresee as an unwillingness to do so."