Friday, April 2, 2021

1/34/21: COVID19: Most impacted countries

 Here is a set of summary tables for world's most impacted countries:

First, 17 countries with more than 7% of population tested positive:

And 16 countries with more than 0.15% of population dead:

Most are smaller in population countries. Outliers to this rule are:
  • The U.S. that enters both of the lists as the only country with population > 15 million
  • Mexico that enters the list for highest mortality countries (alongside the U.S.) - the only two countries on the list with population > 100 million
  • Spain, UK and Italy are the three countries on the deadliest countries list with population between 45 million and 99 million.
The new wave starting means I should update the table for most impacted countries based on case counts alone. Prior to this week, I tracked countries with > 250,000 cases. There are now too many of these to make this table meaningful, so in days ahead, I will update the methodology to report countries with > 500,000 cases. Stay tuned. 

Instead, here is the list of countries and regions with > 3 percent of total global cases:

Most of these are now starting a new wave of the pandemic. 

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