Friday, October 30, 2015

30/10/15: None of Them 'Harmful' Tax Inversions, Dupes...

Remember how in recent months, on foot of an uproar in the U.S. and across the EU, Irish Government has told us that there will be no ‘harmful’ corporate inversions? In other words, there will be no redomiciling of the U.S. companies into Ireland purely for tax purposes?

Well, the mother of all inversions is currently underway, and it is brand new. Behold, Allergan (Irish-based previously inverted U.S. company making Botox) is in talks with Pfizer (U.S.-based global pharma giant) on a merger that will lead to, well, in the words of BusinessInsider: “In this case it would have Pfizer moving its tax domicile - not necessarily its management headquarters - to Ireland, where Allergan is based.”

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So about none of that business with ‘harmful’ inversions thus?..  staying all OECD-compliant...

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