Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21/10/15: By Current Account Fetish Theory, Russia is Doing Quite Fine...

In charts we live... and in charts we delight.

Here is a neat summary of global current account balances (horizontal axis) against the rate of change in the current account over 12 months through 2Q 2015.

Source: @NickatFP 

6th largest surplus: Russia. Fastest growth in surplus: Russia.  So that petrodollar economy, then... like, say Saudi Arabia?..

Now, think of the favourite theory of 'sustainability' advanced by the likes of the Euro-centric Bruegel and its followers. The said theory rests on sustainability being equivalent to medium-term or long-term external balances... either that theory (underpinning most of the official EU economic mantra) off the rocker or... take a look at the chart again.

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