Saturday, June 27, 2015

27/6/15: Surreal World of Twitter...

The surreal nature of social media is that in failing to protect us from spam and bots, it actually blocks those of us who genuinely interact on social media without commercial interest.

Thus, I have now been blocked by Twitter for "suspicious automated activity" despite the fact that there is no evidence on my timeline of any activity that fits their own definition of the said 'suspicious automated activity'.

My request to the Twitter Help team to identify the said 'suspicious activity' went unanswered, despite the team attempting to answer my other queries.

I have no recourse on the matter. Twitter has only one default option for correcting for their own abuse of their rules: they offer to send one an SMS message with a code that unlocks one's account. As it happens I have no mobile coverage where I am over this weekend.

Logic implies, Twitter team might just send the said code to my personal email. They have my email, as they used to communicate with me their useless replies. But no, the drones of Twitter Help are incapable of generating anything as creative as offering a code via the only channel of communication open to me.

And so we have it: false accusation of suspicious 'automated activity' generates actual 'automated activity', dumb and irresponsive to actual needs of the Twitter account holders, inflicting the very harm that Twitter purports to minimise.

Well done, Twitter!

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