Friday, June 19, 2015

17/6/2015: Mr. John Flynn’s Letter to the Banking Inquiry

Here is a letter by Mr. John Flynn informing the Banking Inquiry Chairman, Ciaran Lynch, T.D. about the issue of overcharging at the Anglo Irish Bank, subsequent extent of the problem in legacy-resolution institutions and detailing the substance of the developments in the U.S. court case relating to Anglo overcharging:

Note: I was informed by Mr. Flynn that he received no substantive reply to his communications to the Banking Inquiry.

Note: You can follow the topic of overcharging and other sharp practices and questionable strategies deployed in the post-banking crisis resolution process in Ireland here:

  1. Deputy Peter Mathews June 2015 speech on the issue of overcharging by Anglo, its legacy and issues relating to Nama was covered here:
  2. My summary view of the Anglo’s sharp practices toxic legacy:
  3. Mr. Declan Ganley’s Affidavit from 2013 concerning overcharging:
  4. Deputy Mick Wallace’s speech in June 2015 delivered in the Dail on the subject of Nama and Anglo legacy with my introduction of the concept of value destruction: 
  5. Mr. John Morrissey’s legal letter on overcharging: 
  6. Nama value destruction contextualised in a sample of 10 deals concluded by the agency:
  7. Mr. John Flynn’s letter to the members of the Dail covering Irish and U.S. evidence on overcharging: 

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