Sunday, June 21, 2015

21/6/15: ECB ELA for Greece: Welcome to a Daily Drip of 'Solvency'

Two days ago, I speculated on ECB's motives for drip-feeding ELA liquidity provisions to Greek banks ( And I have noted consistently that ELA is now running against available liquidity cushion, meaning Greek banks are now simultaneously, skirting close to ELA limits in terms of

  • Eligible collateral, and
  • ELA funds available to cover deposits outflows.
So, not surprisingly, two links come up today:
  1. Ekathimerini reports that Greek banks have enough ELA-supported liquidity to sustain capital outflows through Monday only: as on the day of EUR1.8 bn ELA extension approved by the ECB< Greek banks bled EUR1.7 billion in deposits, bringing week's total to EUR4.2 billion in outflows, and
  2. Reuters report that the ECB has been all along planning to review/upgrade ELA after Monday emergency summit:
Thing is, Greek banks are now solvent solely down to an almost daily drip-feeding of liquidity by the ECB. Which, sort of, shows up the entire charade of the dysfunctional euro system: the pretence of monetary and financial systems stability is being sustained by not just extraordinary measures, but by an ICU-like mechanics of assuring that a patient is not pronounced dead too soon...

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