Thursday, December 13, 2012

13/12/2012: Irish Mortgages Arrears - Q3 2012

Q3 2012 data for Irish residential mortgages in arrears is out and here is the first summary of horrific details:

  • Total number of residential mortgages in arrears more than 90 days rose from 47,627 to 49,482 between Q3 2011 and Q3 2012 - a rise of 3.89% y/y. This marks acceleration in the rate of increase in arrears 90 days + from 1.13% in Q2 2012.
  • Total number of mortgages in arrears less than 90 days rose to 86,146 in Q3 2012 from 62,970 in Q3 2011 - an increase of 36.8% y/y, compared to a rise of 45.3% in Q2 2012.
  • Total number of accounts in arrears (90 days and over, and under 90 days) rose from 110,597 in Q3 2011 to 135,628 in Q3 2012 - an annual rate of growth of 22.63%. In Q2 2012 the rate of increase was 25.20%.
  • Total number of accounts at risk of default (currently in arrears, plus restructured and not in arrears, plus repossessed) rose to 180,314 in Q3 2012, up 6.5% q/q and up 21.95% y/y. In Q2 2012 the rate of annual increase was 20.92%.
  • Overal value of mortgages at risk now stands at €31,835,683,000 up 6.0% q/q and 19.8% y/y
Charts to illustrate:

Let's make it simple:
  1. Between Q3 2011 and Q3 2012, the % of loan accounts in arrears for more than 90 days rose from 8.1% or all accounts (10.8% of outstanding mortgages values) to 11.3% (15.1% of outstanding mortgages values).
  2. A a year to Q3 2012, the number of mortgages at risk of default or defaulted (including mortgages in arrears, restructured and current not in arreas and repossessions) rose from 147,857 to 180,314
  3. In Q3 2012, mortgages at risk accounted for 24% of all mortgages outstanding accounts and 29% of the total value of outstanding mortgages, up from 19% and 23%, respectively, in Q3 2011.
That's right - almost 1/4 of all mortgages accounts are now at risk or have defaulted, and almost 30% of the total value of outstanding mortgages is at risk.

Updated: here's the Irish Mortgage Holders Organization response to today's Arrears figures.


Anonymous said...

In Japan, mortgage arrears peaked after 7 years into the massive property crash, we are only 4 years into a similar horrific property crash.
Expect more and more people to run for their lifes in the next few years.

What surprises me is how on earth did Bank of Ireland manage to get 200 million off some investors, backed by ''mortgage securities'':)!!! Jesus some people never learn...

AL said...

But house prices will rise soon!

Arler said...

@AL. Based on your solid fundamentals of magical wishful thinking?