Sunday, December 23, 2012

23/12/2012: Q4 2012 Global Risk Analysis from BBVA - part 2

In the previous post I reproduced some interesting risk maps from BBVA Research report for Q4 2012. Here some more of the same:

And debt levels against risk thresholds (do keep an eye for Ireland's 'unique' position):

I am including the above primarily to re-enforce the fact that the issue of total economic debt I am continuing to raise in relation to Ireland and the rest of advanced economies is now becoming mainstream.

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Anonymous said...

this is an excellent chart! I thank you for this input. Not to sound ungrateful or greedy though,

Can you make a bigger version of this map with more countries?

Or point me in the correct direction as to how to take this map's algo and apply it to other nations?

Greatly appreciated if you do!!