Saturday, October 13, 2012

13/10/2012: Irish corporate tax haven in the news flow

Some links I collected over time on the case of irish corporate tax haven:

Here's a list of recent articles on 'Tax Haven' Ireland:

EU noticing that our manufacturing is largely a 'fake' : link here

Canada's estimated tax exhales via Ireland = CAD23.5bn in 2011, 3rd largest : link here

And priceless non-Ireland related (so far…) case of HuffPo hypocrisy : link here
Though do keep in mind that AOL is in Ireland too.

And some more from earlier dates:

Here's Financial Secrecy Rankings from 2011 referencing Ireland's lack of transfer pricing regulations as the core driver for turning "Ireland into a source of loopholes in international tax": link here

Why ireland is an EU Corporate Tax Haven post (search the page for February 21st, 2011 post) : link here

The link above also mentions Boston Scientific case

The case if WPP group: link here (search the site page for "Don't be fooled by WPP's" phrase

Another link on the latest MNCs effective tax rates:

Yet more on the story of Google in Ireland:

Updated 05/11/2012: Now it's Apple's turn:

And more today - this one on Bain Capital:

Updated 06/11/2012: More on Apple:

And latest idea of UK-German cooperation on cracking down on MNCs tax avoidance:

Updated 12/11/2012: Telegraph on US trio of UK tax 'optimizers':

Updated 16/11/2012: Two items both via Michael Taft:
Article on Irish corporate tax rate and budgetary policy:

Statement from the EU Congress identifying Ireland as one of tax havens (from 2004):
see bottom of page 30.

Updated 18/11/2012: Dutch Sandwich Tax Scheme and google:

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Anonymous said...

So what Constantin?
Why don't others lower their taxes? If Ireland were ever to raise from 12.5% it would simply return to poverty.
But if Germany, France, UK, US and Russia think that they would benefit from a higher corp tax rate they can think twice, there are many other tax heavens in and outside of Europe.