Saturday, October 13, 2012

13/10/2012: Big Data, Fast Data, Protected Efficiencies

A very interesting (and revealing in terms of future strategies scope) set of videos from Goldman Sachs' Co-Head of Internet Banking (link here). Basic idea is that data analytics and efficiency drive - both via innovation - are the core sources of value in years ahead.

Main factors:

  • Data supply/generation - high volume of generated data is an opportunity (nothing new here, though) for 'bifurcation' of the business models that will grow and those that won't.
  • Proprietary data is the king
  • Internal human capital (knowledge) to capture this advantage is the king-maker
  • Enablement of this data via consumer-provider links is the battle ground

Frankly speaking, these are received wisdoms.

  • Capacity utilization drives efficiency
  • The rate of this drive/change/disruption is massive
Worth a watch!

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