Friday, July 27, 2012

27/7/2012: A thought... for a Happy Friday

Just a thought:

How soon will the Finns be sending a note to Merkel along the usual 'concerned neighbors' lines: "Angie, neighbors here across from de puddle. You've left for a vacation, we know, but yer kid from de Frankfurt is running wild partying. Shouts he'll buy up every lemon from the garage sale across the roundabout, yer know - where de siesta fans live - with mum's credit card. Threattens something about 'giving dem de bank'... Not to be too concerned, ...err... but de Dutch family de other side of de fence is a bit ruffled up by this ruckus... Though the pesky Frenchies the other side of the street are egging yer kid on. Enjoy sunshine, but do give your lad Draghi a buzz there to calm him a bit."

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thickerthantalk said...

Dear Neighbour Sie,
Thank you for your kind letter,ja. My holiday was very relaxing,Besten Dank for not asking. I dislike lemons a lot, but without some lemons our currency would be gelden and nobody would buy Scheiße from us.
Just because Draghi has his own building, ja, he thinks he owns Frankfurt. Italian Arschloch.
He has no credit card & Mummy won't pay for lemons from sleepy Ausländer.
As for the Hollander, they can go verpiss dich. Deutscheland Uber Alles!
Angela Hildebrand,
Unheilig Roman Empress