Thursday, November 12, 2009

Economics 12/11/2009: ECB's latest view

I will be blogging on the latest monthly bulletin from ECB published today, but here are few early previews:

One interesting snapshot showing just how silly is all the talk about decoupling in growth between emerging economies and the West:
Since mid 2008 there is absolutely no difference in leading indicators for two series. So anyone still thinks that emerging markets up 90% in a year is a good thing?

And here is a latent illustration of the trend I described some weeks ago using raw ECB data:
Of course anyone knows by now that money supply is not growing, despite the ECB vastly expanded liquidity pumping operations as banks hoard cash in capital reserves, while Government mop up all and any liquidity they can get into their vast deficit financing exercises. Clearly, M3 is showing that things are going swimmingly in the euro area economy.

Don't believe me? Well, here is another illustration:
So things are not getting much better on the credit markets side. The mountain of debt on private sector side is still intact, the mountain of debt on Governments' side is rapidly rising. Hardly a sound exit from the crisis.

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