Monday, June 25, 2012

25/6/2012: RPPI May 2012: Residential property prices in Ireland

CSO's residential property price index (RPPI) is out for May. Headlines are:

  • Overall Index moved from 65.4 in April to 65.5 in May, marking the first (+0.15%) m/m rise since September 2007 (previous best performance months saw zero falls in the index).
  • However, statistically (based on data from January 2008), we need to see a raise of 0.32% (1/2 stdev) at least to make a reasonable judgement on upward gain.
  • Overall RPPI is now at 3moMA of 65.67, down on 3mo MA of 65.87 in April and 67.5 in previous 3mos period through February.
  • Year on year, RPPI slipped -15.27% compared to May 2011 and 3mo MA through May 2012 of 65.67 was significantly below 3mo MA through May 2011 (78.17).
  • Relative to peak, RPPI is now down 49.81% in May 2012 - an improvement on -49.89% for April 2012, but, again, not statistically significant improvement.

Improvements in RPPI were driven by houses and Dublin houses in particular, with Dublin Apartments prices continuing to tank.

Looking at Houses and Apartments:

  • Houses index rose from 68.1 in April to 68.2 in May, marking the first monthly rise (+0.15%) since August 2010 and the largest m/m rise since November 2007. Monthly rise also failed to be statistically significant (stdev=0.643) for the crisis period (since January 2008)
  • 3moMA for houses index is now at 68.4, down on 68.67 in April 2012 and 81.3 in May 2011.
  • House prices index is down 15.17% y/y compared to -16.24% in April 2012 and house prices nationwide are now down 48.3% relative to their peak.
  • Apartments price index is now at 48.6 in May 2012 down 2.02% on 49.6 reading in April 2012 and down 19% year on year.
  • Apartments prices m/m decline in May broke 2 previous months consecutive increases.
  • Apartments prices are now down 60.77% to peak.
  • Monthly decline in apartments prices was statistically significant (stdev=1.56).

Dublin prices drove the overall index this month:

  • RPPI for Dublin stood at 58.4 in May, up on 58.3 in April 2012 (+0.17% m/m) marking the third consecutive m/m increase in the series. However, current rise was not statistically significant (stdev=1.18) and cumulative increases during the last 3 months (total of 1.39%) also fail to be statistically significant.
  • Annually, prices are down 17.51% in May, which is worse than 17.3% y/y decline in April.
  • Relative to peak, Dublin property prices are now down 56.58%.

So nothing new, folks - the market is looking for a catalyst - which is a fancy way of saying that it might go down or up, or stay flat.

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