Sunday, June 24, 2012

24/6/2012: IBRC 'repayment' of €1.14 billion

New wave of outrage: IBRC is about to repay €1,142 million worth of unguaranteed senior bonds this coming week.

Here's a link to the note by Brian Lucey (TCD) and a link to namawinelake post on same.

My view is simple: The repayment is madness - the country is bust & is being propped up by IMF, EU, bilateral and ECB loans. IBRC is a bust non-bank (it retains banking license, but has no meaningful banking activities and is not likely to acquire any of these at any time in the future). IBRC has 'assets' and liabilities (ex-deposits). Hence, IBRC should default on all debts, transfer underlying assets to creditors based on their seniority and close the shop. The bondholders should get no more and no less than the assets of the company. As ELA is super-senior lending secured against specific asset (Promo Notes), quasi-governmental debt (Promos) should remain within CBofI and no private bondholder should have a claim against them.

Of course, the above process would not involve the €1.14 billion worth of bonds to be repaid this week, as these are unsecured (no claim vis-a-vis assets) unguaranteed (not even a theoretical claim against the State) liabilities. And no moral / ethical impact (these are bonds held primarily by speculative  institutional investors). These should just burn to some cheer from the crowds to boot!

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