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28/11/2011: Average Hourly Earnings Q3 2011 Ireland

Latest earnings and labour cost figures for Q3 2011 in Ireland are providing some interesting insights. This post will deal with data for earnings and the subsequent post will highlight findings for employment levels.

Average Hourly Earnings in:

  • Industry stood at €21.28 in Q3 2011, down 0.47% qoq and unchanged yoy. AHE in Industry are up 1.77% on Q1 2008.
  • Construction stood at €18.93/hour in Q3 2011, down 2.82% qoq and 4.30% yoy. AHE in Construction are down 1.82% on Q1 2008.
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade and repairs of vehicles and motorcycles are now at €16.39/hour, down 1.50% qoq, up 1.93% yoy and up 0.06% on Q1 2008.
  • Transportation and Storage AHE are at €19.18/hour, down 1.59% qoq,  -1.39% yoy and -3.76% on Q1 2008.
  • Accommodation & food services AHE are at €12.87/hour, up 2.71% qoq, +3.21% yoy and +2.88% on Q1 2008 (highest rate of increase in AHE on Q1 2008).
  • Information and Communication AHE are now at €27.36/hour, up 3.87% qoq, down 0.04% yoy and down 0.15% on Q1 2008 (currently third highest AHE).
  • Financial, insurance & real estate AHE are at €28.42/hour, down 2.27% qoq, up 3.12% yoy and down 14.60% on Q1 2008 (currently second highest AHE and highest decrease in AHE since Q1 2008).
  • Professional, scientific & technical AHE are now at €23.59/hour, down 0.08% qoq, down 2.64% yoy and down 3.52% on Q1 2008.
  • Administrative & support services AHE stands at €16.22/hour, down 0.61% qoq, up 5.39% yoy and up 1.44% on Q1 2008.
  • Public administration and defence AHE  down 0.95% qoq, up 0.31% yoy and down 6.44% on Q1 2008, currently at €25.99/hour (fourth highest AHE, but also second highest decrease in AHE since Q1 2008).
  • Education AHE are at €34.58/hour (highest AHE), down 0.83% qoq, up 4.06% yoy and up 2.46% (second highest increase) since Q1 2008.
  • Human health & social work AHE are at €23.54/hour, donw 0.63% qoq, up 0.09% yoy and up 1.90% on Q1 2008.
  • Arts, entertainment, recreation and other services AHE at €16.26/hour, up 1.12% qoq, down 1.22% yoy and up 1.31% on Q1 2008.
Charts below illustrate:

Private sector AHE are now at €19.22/hour compared against Public sector AHE of €28.54/hour. Total economy AHE are at €21.64/hour. QOQ, public sector AHE declined 0.972%, while private sector AHE fell 0.979% (virtually identical falls), while YOY public sector AHE is up 1.06% and private sector AHE is up 1.64%. However, relative to Q1 2008, public sector AHE is down 0.35% against private sector AHE down 1.13%.

As the result, AHE gap between public and private sector now stands at 48.49%, slightly up qoq on 48.48% in Q2 2011 and slightly down on 49.34% in Q3 2010.

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