Saturday, November 5, 2011

05/11/2011: Profit margins in Ireland: October 2011

Derived profit margins have continued to deteriorate in both manufacturing and services based on my analysis of the PMI data for October.

Per chart below:

  • Profit margin conditions in Services sector posted slower rate of deterioration with differential between output and input prices moving to -15.38 in October from -18.52 in September. The differential averaged -17.2 in 12 months through October and -16.2 in 3 months through October. In 3 months through July 2011, the average differential was -17.4 and 2010 average for 3mos through october was -8.1 against 2009 same period reading of -5.6.
  • Profit margins in Manufacturing have accelerated downward in October, reaching -10.87 differential against September -9.67. 12mo average through October was -19.6 and 3mo average through October was -13.4 against 3mo average through July of -19.7. 2010 average for 3mos though August was -16.4 and 2009 same period average was -11.5.

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