Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/2011: Some interesting recent links

Few links worth saving and reading - on diverse topics:

  • Two Economist articles on our ability to access others' thoughts (here) and a related piece (here). 
  • And excellent piece from the Irish Times on the role of data storage in changing the ways we think (here).
  • Irish Times piece on electricity pricing and our state plans to export renewable energy: are we going to subsidise foreign consumers (here).
  • Krugman's comment on Roubini's summary of the effects of 'internal devaluations' (here).
  • Thomas Begley's piece on losses in Irish third level education competitiveness (here).
  • My interview with Max Keiser from kilkenomics on the global financial crisis and the role of the markets and governments (here).
  • A good graphic on latest ECB purchases of Italian bonds (here).
  • An excellent set of graphics that provide visualization of euro area cross debt holdings (here).

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Anonymous said...

I know this is maybe a bit simplistic but since countries seem to have a lot of cross debt holdings , why not swap them with each other and inturnalise the debt ? For instance Eire and the UK?France and Spain etc etc This would reduce the amount of international debt and risk .