Thursday, February 18, 2010

Economics 18/02/2010: Ryanair are releasing actual evidence

Another chapter in 500 jobs saga at Dublin Airport: remember that claim that RTE aired that Ryanair could have been planning to use Hangar 6 as a monopoly-busting Terminal 3?

Earlier today Ryanair released its letter to IDA, dated July 2, 2009 - which commits Ryanair to the specific, narrow use of Hangar 6 and suggests DAA can impose a clause that would restrict Ryanair use of Hangar 6 only to heavy maintenance work. Here is the letter:

At the very least, one has to be fair to Ryanair - they are the only party to the entire debacle who are backing their claims with real evidence. DETE or DAA might want to follow the lead... I am certainly going to give them space on this blog, if they need one.

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