Monday, April 13, 2015

13/4/15: Bonds Traders: Give Us a Shake, Cause We So Sleepy...

Recently, I have been highlighting some of the problems relating to the Central Bank's driving up the valuations of government bonds across the advanced economies. In the negative-yield environment, the victims of Central Banks' activism are numerous - from banks to long-hold investors, to corporates, to capex, to savers, to... well... the fabled bonds trades(wo)men... the poor chaps (and chapettes) aren't even showing up for work nowadays: because Sig. Mario is making their lives sheer misery with his euro bonds acrobatics.

Apparently, there is just not that big of a demand out there for the idea of giving money to the Governments on top of paying taxes and trading volumes are now where the rates are - in the zero corner. So the 'industry' solution is, predictably, for the Fed to raise rates. When was the last time you heard the car manufacturers begging regulators for a safety recall of their vehicles 'to jolt the complacent consumers a bit'?

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