Tuesday, April 7, 2015

7/4/15: Another Quango for Ireland to Undo Ineffectiveness of a Host of Quangos

Only in Ireland... the Government that has:

  • One office of the Financial Services Ombudsman,
  • One office of the Financial Regulator,
  • One office of Consumer Protection in the Central Bank,
  • One office of the Consumer Protection Agency,
  • One Insolvency Services
the same Government that has promised, upon election, to cut the number of quangos in Ireland is now seeking to establish a new quango to deal with the failure of all of the above quangos with the issue of banks veto in personal insolvency deals.

And it gets more absurd - the only reason the entire problem arises is... the Government decision to grant the banks full and asymmetric veto power in the insolvency deals.

You cannot make this up. Really...

Details: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/new-watchdog-to-put-pressure-on-banks-that-veto-debt-deals-31122855.html

And a reminder of the days gone (source: @rkavanagh09)

Oh, yeah, baby, Bold Reformists!

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