Monday, March 23, 2015

23/3/15: Deflation... Dumbflation... It's Real Purchasing Power That Matters

I have written in the recent past about the bogus debate surrounding the 'threat of deflation' in the euro area. You can see my view on this here in the context of Ireland: and here in the broader context:

And now Bloomberg weighs in with the similar:

To quote: "The strengthening recovery [in the euro area] should add some inflationary pressure — although readings are likely to remain in negative territory for some months, with lower energy prices still feeding through the production pipeline. This month, the ECB revised down its 2015 inflation forecast to zero. Assuming nominal earnings grow at the same pace seen over the last few quarters, the upward trend in real pay should persist in 2015.

Households are likely to react — even if with some lag — to the purchasing-power bonus. Household consumption, which makes up about 55 percent of GDP, has been somewhat muted lately, only contributing to growth by an average 0.1 percentage point over the last seven quarters. That’s less than half what it used to bring in during the pre-crisis years. The re-emergence of this large growth driver should help to strengthen the 2015 recovery. Negative inflation is a welcome shortcut, meaning the region doesn’t have to wait for a decline in unemployment to see a revival in domestic consumption."


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