Monday, March 2, 2015

2/3/15: EU Exporters: No More Than 20-30% Will Return to Russian Markets

A very interesting note reporting comments by Russia's head of Rosselkhoznadzor (organisation that certifies food imports and grants food market access to foreign exporters) on the post-sanctions regime for Western exporters into Russia. The full text is here: in Russia.

The core point is that head of Rosselkhoznadzor expects the return of just 20-30% of EU exporters back to the Russian market once Russian sanctions on food imports are lifted. And that is 20-30% "at most". Quoting from Interfax report, the head of Rosselkhoznadzor thinks that "Products from the EU will find it difficult to return to Russian markets, because we will be forced to cut back on the number of European producers, allowing only 20-30% of previously active suppliers back into the market. The rest will be able to supply [exports to Russia] only after they restore [market] trust".

In another report (, President Putin's press secretary stated today that Moscow is considering allowing imports of agricultural raw materials that serve as inputs for production of food in Russia, as long as actual production takes place in Russia. The statement relates to the President Putin's promise made in Budapest last month that Russia can expand cooperation with Hungary in food trade. According to the press secretary statement, this can only be done by relaxing sectoral restrictions as Hungary (or any other country) cannot be privileged in trade relations with the EU under the WTO rules.


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