Friday, March 13, 2015

13/3/15: Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Maturity Squeeze

H/T to @RobinWigg for the following chart summing up Emerging Markets exposure to the USD-denominated corporate debt redemptions calls over 2015-2025. The peak at 2017 and 2018 and relatively high levels for exemptions coming up in 2016, 2019-2020 signal sizeable pressure on the EM corporates that coincides with expected tightening in the US interest rates cycle - a twin shock that is likely to have adverse impact on EMs' capex in years to come. With rolling over 2017-on debt becoming a more expensive proposition, given the USD FX rates and interest rates outlook, the EMs-based corporate sector will come under severe pressure to use organic revenue generation to redeem maturing debt. Which means less investment, less hiring and less growth.

The impossible monetary policy trilemma that I have been warning about for some years now is starting to play out, with delay on my expectations, but just as expected - in the weaker and more vulnerable markets first.

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