Friday, August 31, 2012

31/8/2012: James Hamilton on oil prices

An insightful (as always) and economically significant points raised in this interview (via by Prof. James Hamilton (UCSD and Econbrowser) on oil prices and demand/supply drivers:

  • Why we shouldn't get too excited with the shale revolution
  • The "Real" cause of high oil prices
  • The incredible opportunity presented by natural gas
  • Why long term oil prices will creep upwards
  • The geopolitical hotspots that could cause an oil price spike
  • Why sanctions could cause Iran to lash out
  • Why speculators and oil companies are not to blame for high oil prices.
  • Changes we can expect to see under a Romney Administration
  • Why Short term oil price forecasts are worthless
  • Peak oil & Daniel Yergin 
Certainly a worthy read.

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