Monday, October 19, 2009

Economics 20/10/2009: Ahead of DofF

A quick announcement:
RDS Concert Hall 8pm Wednesday Oct 21st

HOW NAMA WILL LOSE €12bn: There's a Sounder Alternative
by Banking Expert Peter Mathews, MBA, FCA, AITI.

Peter is the only senior banker with experience in managing large distressed loans portfolio. His work, in collaboration with myself and Brian Lucey is featuring in the current issue of Business&Finance magazine. This should be very informative and worth attending. See Peter's excellent website in the issue of Nama costs:

We will also hold a Q&A session after the speech, with yours truly also on the panel.

Free for students.

A quick note:

Apparently the latest Government projections for 2009 tax intake are €31bn. Pre-budget estimate in April 2009 was €34bn, while January 2009 addendum to the Finance Bill was €37bn (here).

My forecasts earlier this year gave this figure (here) back in August, May (here) and April (here). In fact, since December 2008 I have been giving forecasts for revenue figures that were ahead of the official numbers produced by a sizable department responsible for doing these forecasts within DofF. Table below lists their projections before the April Budget:
Latest Government admission - €31bn... welcome to TrueEconomics, folks...

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