Friday, December 24, 2010

Economics 24/12/10: Forecasting 2010 Trade performance

As a follow up for the previous post, here are my forecasts for levels of Exports, Imports and Trade Balance as well as Terms of Trade for Ireland for 2010 - using monthly data:
Overall, Terms of Trade deterioration in October 2010 stood at -5.12% on the best reading for 2007-to date.

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Georg R. Baunann said...

Geeze, switch that computer out now and look after your family, grow a beard, put on a red cap, have some drinks, enjoy! :)

Thanks a lot for ongoing commentary eyeopening and truly jaw dropping analysis, contrary to so many other economists who just parrot government policies, you provide a great service for the irish public with your razor sharp thinking and uncompromising desire for the truth.

Murray showed us many examples where business elites influenced and manipulated government's monopoly power to write laws and regulatory policy benefiting them at the expense of their competitive rivals.

Today, unfortunately the entire Irish Nation is the rival!

Thanks Constantin!