Sunday, January 31, 2010

Economics 31/01/2010: S&P, Gold and forward view on risk

Couple articles worth reading:

1) China bubble - here. In my view - the analyst is spot on - there is a massive bubble in Chinese economy. So large, when it goes, the entire global growth will be derailed. We are, in effect, now treading to closely to the 1932-1934 period of the Great Depression, when the markets forgot fear for a sustained Bear rally before rediscovering that risk mispriced is a disaster waiting to happen.

2) Gold - here. Great chart on 89% loss line.
A very promising direction on gold, of course, which is in line with (1) above.

Prepare for some fun. Take a look at VIX:
All supports are out at this stage and risk appetite is falling since the beginning of the year. Bonds rallying, S&P is taking on water. The only way from here for the likes of Gold is up, for DJA and S&P - down. Back to that 89% rule line in (2) above.

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