Saturday, July 4, 2015

4/7/15: Another Nama Story That Won't Go Away...

While everyone is obsessed with Greece, our little island is quietly slipping into yet another Nama-linked scandal. Here we go - some links on that, without a comment by me (for legal reasons, of course):
  1. "Nama property sale: Mick Wallace claims Belfast firm had £7m in bank after deal"
  2. "Secret tapes stored on £7m Nama deal"
  3. "Nama adviser had concerns over property sale 'wall of silence'"
  4. "Ian Coulter named over disputed fees linked to Nama sale"
  5. "Mick Wallace’s claims prompts calls for thorough PSNI inquiry"
  6. "Profile: Who are Nama NI appointees named by Wallace?"
  7. "Northern venture controversial from the outset: Nama's activity in the North has been plagued by questions"
  8. "Cerberus denies improper payments or fees linked to Nama deal: Private equity firm ‘deeply troubled’ over allegations made in Dáil by Mick Wallace"
  9. 2006 report on the Cerberus links to a senior US politician: "The congressman & the hedge fund"
  10. And while some of Irish mainstream media is talking about Mick Wallace facing a 'grilling' in the Northern Ireland (e.g., much of the Northern Irish media is talking about investigating his claims: Which is sort of a big difference in interpreting what is happening: grilling someone suggests they are the wrong-doer, investigating someone's claims suggests looking into the wrongdoing alleged by someone. Get the 'angle'? Back to no comment promise...

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