Saturday, July 25, 2015

25/7/15: Nama: Some Colder Winds from the North...

Ah, the Dear Nama, the outpost of taxpayers interests, the Beacon of the New Ireland (not to be confused with the financial company of the same name) reborn by the FF/GP/FG/LP efforts over the recent years, efforts yielding path-breaking reforms in transparency and governance that the Beacon exemplifies.

The shining light… that comes from the North and the South… right?…

- Newsletter story about the [some might say unhealthy] curiosity in Nama taken by some Ministers up North. There are [comfortably, for coach spectators down South] now familiar household names, as well as now expected whig of [pungent not] airs of something going on. But all to be revealed in some hearings that "NAMA has already said that it will not attend…" Nothing is confirmed, of course, so all questions to the Newsletter, please.

- And there is a blog posting something claimed to be documents with an enticing headline "Paddy Kearney released from Cerberus loan debt thanks to Robinsons ‘influence’ #NAMA". Probably about more hearings that Nama will not attend. But again peppered with the Northern names so familiarly comforting to the readers in the South. That said, as stated above, nothing is confirmed, so all questions to the Northern Irish folks, please.

Yes, yes… keep in mind, the rates of return are what matters in Nama relation to us all… rest… why, yes - a roadkill of bad publicity.

Meanwhile, talking of bad publicity [unrelated to Nama], Drummer is itching to give Brian Cowen a proverbial black eye: Which, of course, won't be allowed to happen, because the narrative of 'Bad Anglo, Good Public Servants' [including those very absent-minded and forgetful politicians... remember the horrible thing they did to Uncle Bert by dragging him into the spotlight of the Banking Inquiry? Good thing that went nowhere, fast...] must be maintained as the sole explanation for the bankrupting of the nation, done, of course, by Anglo… solely… alone… without anyone's help.

You can follow trail of Nama-related stories on the blog from here: or via search facility. Enjoy. And remember, there is nothing to worry about in any of this…

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