Monday, January 12, 2015

12/1/2015: Falling... falling... still... falling: Oil Prices in Time

With WTI just flying past USD45.99/bbl price marker and Brent fell through USD47.47, here's the best visualisation of the 'Plight of Oil' (courtesy of @EdConwaySky):

Note: Above is Brent, but, hey... anyone cares at that stage?..

And here's one in a more historical perspective (courtesy of @Convertbond):
Note: Above is through December 2014. Which means that by now, we are down at the levels of October1990-April 1991 crisis and heading further South.

And in case you are keen on celebrating the above as a definitive Western victory over the Bad Russkies, as Reuters is reporting - Standard Chartered might need to raise USD4.4 billion in capital to cover losses due to commodities-related loans exposures (link). 

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