Friday, January 16, 2015

16/1/2015: Where did Greek 'bailout' funds go?

Given the gyrations of the Greek crisis or crises, it might be handy to get a handle on where all the bailout funds extended to Greece have gone. Here are two charts illustrating the said:

Update: source for the charts data: and my own calculations based on the same.

So in simple terms, Government debt 'solutions' took up 133 billion euros of 'rescue' funds - much of this going to the private sector foreign holders of bonds (PSI) and to private investors in bonds (many foreign) via interest and redemptions. Banks chewed through another 83 billion euros. Total of 81 percent of the funds went to these liabilities.

The fabled Greek deficits (careless spending meme et al) got only 6 percent of the total allocations, of which a small share went to, undoubtedly, support the 'most vulnerable'.


Anonymous said...

Pie source? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Removing debt means removing value from the Euro coin. This is because debt gives value to money