Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6/1/2015: BRIC PMIs: Weaker Outrun in December

Markit released PMIs for all BRIC countries for both Services and Manufacturing covering December 2014. Here are the main results.

Starting with manufacturing:

  • Brazil Manufacturing PMI posted its first 50+ reading after 3 months of consecutive sub-50 readings. December PMI came in at 50.2, which is basically signalling no statistically significant growth. On a quarterly basis, Q4 2014 average came in at 49.3 - a contraction, against 49.3 (yep, same) for Q3 2014 and 50.1 (almost no growth) in Q4 2013.
  • Russian Manufacturing PMI for December came at disappointing 48.9, marking the first month of sub-50 readings since June 2014. Q4 2014 average is at 50.3 (basically near-zero growth) against Q3 2014 reading of 50.4 (very weak growth) and Q4 2013 reading of 50.0 (stagnation).
  • China Manufacturing PMI came in at 49.6, the first monthly contraction that follows six consecutive months of at or above 50 readings. Q4 2014 average was 50.0 - meaning Chinese manufacturing posted flat growth across the quarter. Q3 2014 average was 50.7, same as Q4 2013. Overall, there are some very serious weaknesses in Chinese manufacturing sectors.
  •  India Manufacturing PMI jumped from 53.3 in November to 54.5 in December, signalling acceleration in activity in the sector. Q4 2014 average is at 53.1 - up on 52.0 average for Q3 2014 and on 50.5 average for Q4 2013.

Now, Services:

  • Brazil's Services PMI was even worse, set at 49.1 in December (a shallow contraction), continuing with sub-50 readings for the third month in a row. Q4 2014 average is at 48.6 (outright contraction), against Q3 2014 average of 50.5 (weak expansion) and 52.1 (stronger expansion) in Q4 2013.
  • Russian Services PMI stood at 45.8 - sharp contraction - in December 2014, marking third consecutive month of sub-50 readings. The index averaged less than impressive 45.9 in Q4 2014, showing severe strains from collapse in domestic services, such as financial services. The index averaged 50.1 in Q3 2014 and 53.0 in Q4 2013.
  • China Services PMI surprised to the upside, posting 53.4 reading in December, up on 53.0 in November. Q4 2014 average is at 53.1 - faster growth signal compared to Q3 2014 reading of 52.7 and Q4 2013 reading of 52.0.
  • India Services PMI, lastly, posted a slight de-acceleration in growth, slipping from 52.6 in November to 51.1 in December. Q4 2014 reading is now at 51.2, which marks a slowdown in growth from 52.2 index reading in Q3 2014 and47.0 reading in Q4 2013.

And a table and a chart summarising changes in both sets of PMIs

Note the increase in weaker growth signals in December data compared to previous month, driven by poorer PMIs in Manufacturing and by unchanged performance outlook in Services. Also note, per chart above, Russia not only acts as a main downward driver for the BRIC overall PMI-related performance, but it shows strong decoupling in the direction of trend from January-March 2014 on, with the divergence now accelerating over the last three months.

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