Monday, April 2, 2012

2/4/2012: Two studies on Global Financial Crisis

An interesting analysis of the International Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 from Gary Gorton and Andrew Metrick, both Yale and NBER just out - see link here. Worth a read and contrasting with Taleb's excellent paper on same (earlier work than that of Gordon and Metrick) here.


Brian O' Hanlon said...

Gorton's work, is something that I must get around to reading at some stage. Thanks for the pointers. In some further minor development of where I stand, on this notion of a global crisis, and how national states are trying to cope with it, I scribbled this short piece just now.

I suppose, the question is, like with any piece of hardware - when national states are purchasing bullet proof, policy options in large amounts these days - to assist in fighting the global crisis, at what point do we start to worry that the turrets might be pointed too much at the native populations too? BOH.

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