Thursday, October 9, 2014

9/10/2014: A couple of new black eyes for our Corporate Tax regime

Oh dear... as if Apple news were not pretty bleak for Ireland Inc, Wall Street Journal is now covering Google's tax practices with Ireland featuring prominently: and related explanatory note on how Google tax schemes work:

With a handy graph:

And an ugly question: Presumably (per Irish Government and its 'analysts'), Google is in Ireland for the quality of our workforce and R&D capabilities. Which begs asking: is that quality Irish workforce and R&D in Bahama-ed 'Ireland' or in Irish Ireland?

But never mind, bad news keep rolling in. It now looks like the savings of EUR350m per annum on the IMF 'repayment' deal are going to come with some hefty price tags...

Did someone say 'reputational capital' is illusory? How about reputational damage costs?..

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