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09/01/2011: Exchequer returns - Part 5

In a follow up to the previous 4 posts on Exchequer returns (part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4), let me update my own earlier charts on receipts to cover 2007-2010 horizon. There are some striking comparatives to had out of these.

First by tax head:

Now, totals
And now, let's carry out two exercises. First, consider changes year on year and over 2007-2010 horizon:
The second exercise is in the bottom section of the table above. Suppose we fix tax revenues at the levels of 2007 (case 1) and at 85% of 2007 (case 2) levels. The choice for 85% is warranted as it roughly speaking represents a 50% moderation in housing price growth activity on 2005-2007 - not a housing recession, but slower rate of growth. In other words, this is equilibrium effect. What would have been the Exchequer shortfall in funding given the path of expenditure taken by the Government over 2007-2010?

As shown above, between 2008 and 2010 the Government would have to cut expenditure by some €10.3 billion in order to bring fiscal balance to the receipts fixed annually at 85% of 2007 levels. And these are net cuts! Alternatively, only €13 billion of the total cumulative 2008-2010 deficits of €49.1 billion can be accounted for by a decline in tax revenue below equilibrium level. The rest, my friends, is due to over-spending...

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Fungus the Photo! said...

Much of which went to "consultants" to help the govt govern?

Look up "pick-me-up" scadals, for how printers and advertizing/pr agencies helped political parties.


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