Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Economics 9/10/10: Bond market comparatives

Another day, two tables courtesy of CMA ... Greece improves, Ireland... well:
CPD refers to the priced probability of default. 40.83% for Ireland within 5 years on 40% loss at recovery.


Cass said...

Oh god. Please, just let the other shoe drop.
I can't bear it anymore.

Apart from our childrens' lost futures, the biggest frustration is that already, I see the internal battle lines being drawn
- private v public,
- student v pensioner,
- have-nots v have-even-less...

Only a matter of time 'til we eat each other unless we start to take responsiblility back from those who brought us here. What sort of logic is there in investing power in those who got us here?

The boil must be lanced. Now.

Sean said...

So what you're telling me is that we're still kicking Greece's posterior, 40.83 V 52.45.

Go Ireland! Go Ireland! Go!

JB said...

Dateline Constantin - November is the 11th month

ellend said...

Won't we have to 'drop the other shoe' ourselves? The poor schmucks in charge have made it quite clear that they are incapable of finding their way out of the labyrinth. And since they planted it, watered it, fertilised it and lovingly pruned it into shape over the last 13 years, OF COURSE they can't. When a tornado blows the roof off your house, you don't ask it to blow it back on again, do you? These people respond to every set back to, or criticism of, their 'plans' with 'I don't accept that', 'I reject that' and 'The markets are being irrational'. They've got nothing to offer. If this afternoon's inspirational Q&A in Langdons is anything to go by, some economists, and plenty of the plain people, have solutions to offer, starting with a big 'Screw the bondholders.' Time for a big 'I reject that' to the Brians and Marys. And maybe then a 4 year plan for fundamental reform that isn't cobbled together in 3 weeks on the back of an A4 envelope.