Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A fresh candidate for City Council

Those of you who know me are aware that I extremely rarely support political candidates. Not because I do not share their views - although most of the time, I do not. And not because I do not find some of them to be honest and well-meaning enough to deserve a public office - although often that is the case. I simply never find their passion for independent thinking and existence to be sufficient enough to warrant my honest support. I treasure independence of my own thinking and my own passion for living enough to do something halfheartedly.

There were and are exceptions to the rule:
  • David Norris commands my admiration. Not because I agree with him on most issues, but because he is a person I truly respect for being original and true to himself.
  • Michael McDowell has won my support as a politician who tried to do what he promised to the best of his ability - and I am happy to hear that he is going to run again for the Dail in the next contest.
That was pretty much it, until today, when by a sheer accident I have learned that Mannix Flynn is running as a New Independent for Dublin City Council. Again, as with Senator Norris, I find myself in disagreement with some things Mannix advocates. But I think I know this man to be a truly independent thinker and a person with great real passion for what he feels to be right.

Check out his website www.votemannixflynn.ie. Don't come telling me that his ideas are wrong. They might be. It's your own call. But in our depreciated age when virtually every politico (add the same for academics, journalists and so on) is a carbon copy of the other, Mannix offers something different from the tired parade of the councilors who, come elections, fake passion better than the Eurovision contestants and then spend years in the City Council dividing the spoils.

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