Sunday, April 7, 2013

7/4/2013: Irish Services Activity Index - February 2013

Irish Services activity fell in February 2013 per latest CSO data, marking second consecutive month of decline. In February 2013, Irish services index dropped 1.03% m/m and was down 0.45% y/y. The index 3mo MA is now at 106.43, only slightly ahead of 106.07 in 3mo period through November 2012, and still ahead of 105.43 3mo MA through February 2012. The same dynamics are repeated at the 6mo MA level.

Largest m/m declines were recorded in Wholesale Trade (-7.17% m/m and down 10.71% y/y), Accommodation & Food Services (-1.89% m/m and down 0.69% y/y). Largest m/m increases were in Administrative & Support Services (+2.95% m/m and up 15.74% y/y) and in Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities (+1.68% m/m and 2.02% y/y). 
In annualised terms, largest increases were recorded in Administrative & Support Services (+15.74% y/y), Accommodation Services (+6.92% y/y) and Transport & Storage (+5.61%).

One interesting point in terms of longer range analysis:

As chart above shows, the PMI data for Services Activity continues to bear no relations to the actual Services Activity Index measurements. Recall that in January and February, Services Activity Index posted two consecutive declines in activity. Over the same months, PMI for Services posted robust growth signals at 56.8 in january and 53.6 in February.


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off topic but what fo you think of this chap's analysis?

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Frankly, I can't follow his spreadsheets from a cursory glance.