Friday, September 9, 2011

09/09/2011: VIX - another blow out

EU debt disaster and US own woes or just EU debt disaster, who knows, but VIX - that indicator of overall risk perceptions in the markets - is again above the psychologically important 40 mark.

Charts to illustrate:
Vix has gone to close at 40.50 today having opened at 35.53 and hitting the high of 40.74. In terms of historical comparatives:
  • Intra-day high achieved today was 170th highest point reached by VIX since Jan 1, 1990, 147th highest reading since Jan 1, 2008 and 15th highest since Jan 1, 2010
  • VIX closing level was 156th highest in history since Jan 1, 1990, 129th highest since Jan 1, 2008 and 8th highest since Jan 1, 2010. The latter being pretty impactful
Intra-day spread was pretty high, but not too remarkable, ranking as 179th highest since Jan 1, 1990, 102nd highest since Jan 1, 2008 and 49th highest since Jan 1, 2010, suggesting possible structural nature of elevated readings in VIX overall.
3 mo dynamic standard deviation of VIX index reached 8.981 - the highest level of volatility in VIX since January 1, 2010 and 90th highest since both Jan 1, 2008 and Jan 1, 1990. We are now clocking the highest level of VIX volatility (on 3mo dynamic basis) since February 2009.

Looking at semi-variance:
1mo dynamic semi-variance for VIX is now running at 15.73 - not dramatic, but showing persistently elevated trend since August 5, 2011. Today's reading was, nonetheless, only 27th highest since Jan 1, 2010. To flag that - below is the snapshot of short series range:Yep, folks, with VIX stuck at elevated levels with occasional blowouts like today, with European banks beefing up their deposits with ECB and Bank of Japan, with investors throwing money at Uncle Sam and Bundesbank (at negative interest rates) and demand for CHF undeterred by the threats of continued devaluations, what we are seeing is fundamentals-driven run for safety. Nothing irrational here, unless feeling sh***less scared is irrational...

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