Monday, July 4, 2011

04/07/2011: Exchequer Receipts: H1 2011

Exchequer receipts are out for June and here are the stats on tax receipts (expenditure and deficit analysis forthcoming later).

Headline figures:
  • Income tax came in at €6,038 cumulative for January through June 2011, which obviously includes the new USC. There is no point of comparing this against previous years, so I will include a chart only for completeness. So instead - relative to target: income tax came in above the target by €11 million cumulative for 6 months through June, or +0.2% - not exactly a stellar performance by any possible measures.
  • But here's an interesting bit (illustrated in the chart) inclusive of USC, 2011 income tax for the first 6 months of the year is pretty much matching 2007 income tax for the same period (€5,972 million) which had no USC receipts in it.

  • VAT surprised on the downside, with receipts at €5,075 million or 8.89% below same period in 2009 and 0.92% below same period in 2010. 2010 first six months yielded receipts of €5,122 million. VAT receipts are now running 2.6% below target or some €134 million short.

  • Corporation tax receipts continued their fall off the cliff, albeit the distance to the bottom seemed to have shrunk somewhat. January-June 2011 corporate taxes came in at €1,424 million, some 11.55% below 2010 figure of €1,610 and some 24.26% below the same period of 2009. Corporate tax receipts are now €116 million (or 7.6%) behind target.

  • Excise taxes came in at €2,200 million, up 5.5% yoy and up 2.76% on 2009 period. This means that Excises are now €79 million (3.7%) ahead of target.

Of smaller tax heads:
  • Stamps are down 5.02% yoy and down 22.97% on 2009. Put things into perspective, in 6 months through June 2007 stamps yielded €1,696.5 million for the Exchequer. In the same period this year - only €265 million, down 84.38%.

  • Capital taxes: CGT fell to a miserly €90 million down from €114 million in 2010 and from €1,046.1 million in the same period in 2007. That's contraction of 91.4% on 2007 figures.
  • CAT fell off the cliff (despite QNA showing uplift in fixed capital formation in Q1 2011, suggesting that the uplift had little to do with indigenous investment - taxable - and more to do with MNCs - non-taxable), shrinking to €48 million in H1 2011 down from €131 million in the same period of 2010.

  • Lastly, Customs came in at €117 million, up 16.3% from €101 million a year ago.

Total tax receipts have therefore increased (again, due to USC) to €15,279 million in H1 2011 from €14,432 million in the same period 2010 (+5.87%), but are down 3.35% on same period of 2009 and are 26.59% below their level in 2007.

Relative to target, Irish Exchequer receipts for H1 2011 are €115 million (0.7%) short of budgetary targets. So no smoking gun there so far, but the risks remain on the downside as economy signals slowdown since May.

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