Saturday, July 29, 2017

28/7/17: Risk, Uncertainty and Markets

I have warned about the asymmetric relationship between markets volatility and leverage inherent in lower volatility targeting strategies, such as risk-parity, CTAs, etc for some years now, including in 2015 posting for GoldCore (here: And recently, JPMorgan research came out with a more dire warning:

This is apt and timely, especially because volatility (implied - VIX, realized - actual bi-directional or semi-var based) and uncertainty (implied metrics and tail events frequencies) have been traveling in the opposite direction  for some time.

Which means (1) increasing (trend) uncertainty is coinciding with decreasing implied risks perceptions in the markets.

Meanwhile, markets indices are co-trending with uncertainty:
Which means (2) increasing markets valuations are underpricing uncertainty, while focusing on decreasing risk perceptions.

In other words, both barrels of the proverbial gun are now loaded, when it comes to anyone exposed to leverage.

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